Patriots Swimming Learn to Swim

Learning to swim can be one of the most memorable experiences of childhood.  Patriots Swimming aims to provide high standards of water confidence, swimming techniques and water skills. Our lessons are educational, fun and take place in a safe environment.

We believe that children learning to swim benefit most in group swim classes, as they can learn from their peers and relax in the positive, encouraging, and fun social atmosphere.


Aqua Squirts Beginner: 6 months-24months

Splash, Play, Learn! During the program, parents will learn to work with their infant-toddlers as they learn to kick, pull and float in the water. Parents will learn the correct way to hold and move their toddler through the water with games and activities.

Aqua Squirts Intermediate: 12 months-36months

In our Intermediate Aqua Squirts classes we work on back floating, kicking, comfort in the water, and water safety in a fun, family friendly environment.

 Aqua Squirts Advanced: Need Instructor Approval

In our Advanced Aqua Squirts classes we continue the learning of back float, front float, but we will be release the kids and allowing them to float by themselves.

Minnows:  3yr olds

  • Water Adjustment skills
  • Putting my face in the water
  • Front & Back Float
  • Front & Back Kicking


Dolphins: 4-5yrs  &  Sharks: 6-12yrs 

Level 1:

  • Water Adjustment skills
  • Going under water
  • Front & Back Float
  • Front & Back Kicking
  • Arm circles


Level 2: 

  • Front & Back Float
  • Glide-Recover
  • Kick & pull with face in the water


Level 3: 

  • Front-Back float with kick
  • Front crawl
  • Backward arm circles


Level 4: 

  • Rollover from Front-Back & Back-Front
  • Kicking & Sculling
  • Freestyle Arm Stroke

For Level 5, 6 and Pre-Comp, please see Adnvaced Swimming Lessons

For more information or any questions, please contact Kristen Benetti (262)925-6750 or email at