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Trainer Led Fitness 2016
Trainer-Led Workout
Get in the best shape of your life with this high energy kickboxing self-defense class using bags. This no-contact class will improve strength, flexibility, and balance using kicks and punches. Provide your own gloves/wraps or purchase some at the fitness desk.
Toning, core, and strength training. The focus is on continuous movements that target all muscle groups for overall conditioning.
Improve your bone density, muscle tone, balance, and strength with this weight bearing workout. This class is 45 minutes which includes strengthening using Freemotion Cable Columns, hand weights, body bars and balance balls followed by a full body cool down stretch. Can be modified for all levels.
Group Interval Training structured with interval circuits, alternating high moderate intensity using kettlebells, disc, bosu balls, steps, plyoboxes, logs, punching bags...
Engage your muscles with non-stop workout, building overall strength, balance, and endurance.
Develop core power and improve muscular endurance with a full body workout using the TRX straps and various other equipment.
Develop power, strength, balance, and mobility with effective full-body strength training.
Challenging Class that includes cardio intervals, strength and balance movements utilizing a combination of TRX and Kettlebells for a full body workout.
Learn new training tips from our trainer in a group setting. Your trainer will assess your current fitness level and set you up on a personalized plan and progress you based on your needs.