Adult Hockey - Geezers Wednesday

Ages 35+ The purpose of the Old Geezers is to provide an enjoyable and safe game of hockey for older players (age 35+). Our program will allow you to work on those long forgotten moves that you had in you (or tried to have in you). Lastly, Old Geezers permits you to wake up the next morning without having to bandage those bruises from the night before. Format Two teams of 15 players are divided randomly each night (teams are pre-determined prior to each week - PDFs will be posted below when available). Please bring a white and a dark jersey to each session as it is often necessary to balance the teams due to missing players. A referee officiates the game, and score will be maintained. Blatant penalties will result in a penalty shot. Excessive aggression by any player will result in expulsion from the Old Geezers program.

Restrictions: NA
Minimum Age: NA
Maximum Age: 99
Prerequisites: NA
Minimum Grade: NA
Maximum Grade: NA
Gender: None
Adult Hockey - Geezers Wednesday - Fall/Winter
8:40 pm-10:20 pm 
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