Kid's Court/Lil' Tykes

Drop in Child Care

Child Care Services at Lil' Tykes and Kid's Court

This service is available to members that choose to utilize this amenity.

Each child needs to be registered for kids court, yearly.

Fee = $16 each

Kid's Court registration is due in January of each year and prorated by quarter.



RecPlex provides a child care area for parents and children who are RecPlex members and program participants. Children can experience this fun and safe environment while parents are using the facility.


Lil' Tykes is for infant-toddlers (6 weeks to 24 months) and is connected to the Kid's Court area. Reservations and fees are required for Lil' Tykes Court.


Kid's Court is THE SPOT for "kids" (24 months to 9 years) to play with toys, climb through tunnels, play board games and have lots of fun.


New Hours: 

 Kid's Court & Lil’ Tykes

Monday - Friday Mornings

8am – 12pm

Monday - Friday Evenings

4pm – 8pm


8am - 1pm

 **NEW HOURS effective Friday, May 1st