Spies and CSI's

Welcome to Spies and CSI's! 

In this class you will get to solve different mysteries given out each month. Each "criminal" will be picked from different departments of the RecPlex/Iceplex management team (Aquatics, Guest Services, Youth Department, Sports, and Fitness). The children will be working on communication skills, team work, problem solving, and more! They will be given different clues and obstacles they must overcome in order to solve the mystery! 

Mystery Dates:
#1: Tuesday, January 16th 
#2: Tuesday, January 30th 
#3: Tuesday, February 6th 
#4: Tuesday, February 20th 
#5: Tuesday, March 6th 
#6 Tuesday, March 20th 

Time: 4:45-5:45pm
Ages: 7-10 years old 
Location: Shark Room 
Price: $12 per Mystery