Fitness 4 Kids Classes


  • Circuit Training 4 Kids- Ages 8-13 A circuit training class incorporating BOSU ball, bands, med balls, & other training equipment.
  • TRX 4 Tweens- Ages 10-14 Suspension training exercises developing strength, balance, flexibility, and core strength.
  • SPT: Hockey Sports Performance Training- Ages 10-14 Your trainer will assess for movement, power, strength and efficiency. Programming is then tailored to move the athlete forward to improve his/her overall efficiency.
  • SPT: Basketball Sports Performance Training- Ages 10-14 Intense total body strength training program that focuses on maximal strength and power output thru sport specific planes of motion, muscular balance and injury prevention.


$20/mo per class


TNT Fitness- The TNT Fitness Passport is designed for ages 11-13 to use the Fitness Center. TNT users must complete training with a fitness professional. 11 & 12 year olds will need to be accompanied by a parent; 13 year olds can use the fitness center. $50- 3 training sessions.



July 2014 Schedule


For more information e-mail: or call the Fitness Desk @ 262-925-6742.

Course Name
Ballet: Preschool
Ages: 3-5. This is a beginner ballet class; no prior experience is required. Ballet, shoes, leotards and tights are recommended. 
Ballet: Youth
Ages 5+. Ballet classes are a progressive system of classical instruction designed to provide carefully graded classes for pre-schoolers through school-aged children. Please come to the first class with leotard and ballet shoes. 
Cardio & Strength Training 4 Tweens
Ages: 11-13. Cardio & Strength training class utilizing cardio & strength equipment in the Fitness Center. 
Circuit Training 4 Kids
Ages 8-13. A circuit training class incorporating bosu ball, bands, med balls, 3 Kick & other training equipment. 
Hip Hop Dance
Jazz dance class for ages 6-10 years. 
TRX 4 Tweens
Ages 10-14. Suspension training exercises developing strength, balance, flexability, & core.