Patriots Hockey Day Camp

Patriots Summer Day Camp at RecPlex

Don’t have time for the summer hockey school? Patriots Summer Day Camp is the solution to your problems! Skaters receive 60 minutes of ice time followed by 60 minutes of off ice training. Our instructors will focus on a different skill set each day of the week (Edgework, Acceleration, Stickhandling, Passing, Shooting).


Registration Process for Summer 2016

Registration will be handled a bit different than in previous years.  Parents will no longer need to stop at the ice arena desk to register provided they complete the appropriate forms. We are asking that parents specify which days their child will be attending camp.  It is not a requirement to complete all three months up front but it is preferred that we have at least a one week notice to provide adequate staffing levels. 


Once you submit your calendars, our billing department will setup the automatic billing so that your checking account or credit card on file is drafted accordingly.  If you wish to make a change to your submitted calendar, please submit that request one week prior to the date of care.  Walk-on/day of buy-ons are also still an option but will require a credit card on file (so you will still need to complete the attachment payment authorization form).  We require this to ensure families are paying for their care.  In year’s past, many parents would drop their kids off without registering making collection of the debt difficult.  If desired, parents can request a weekly email detailing out the charges billed to them.


The referenced documents can be found and downloaded here:


Check out some of the new training equipment that will be utilized during summer camp!


The Pass-Master


Sweet Hands


Parachute Training


Powerslide Board Training


Box Hockey Stickhandling Trainer



Patriots hockey camp runs from 8:30am-12:00pm each day. Full day campers are transferred to Explorer's Day Camp at 12:00pm. More information on Explorer's Day Camp can be found by clicking the link below.


Explorer's Summer Day Camp:


10 Weeks: 8:30am to 12:00pm

1) June 15 - June 17 (3 days)

2) June 22- June 26

3) June 29 - July 3 

4) July 6 -  July 10

5) July 13 - July 17

6) July 27 - July 31

7) August 3 - August 7

8) August 10 - August 14

9) August 17 - August 21

10) August 24 - August 28




Daily: Member $29 / Non-Member $39

Weekly: Member $120 / Non-Member $155



JR Litkey

Joe Ellis

Anthony Svoboda

Trevor Arnold

Patriots Summer Camp Sample Schedule:

8:30-9:00am ~ Check-in

9:00-9:20am ~ Transition/gear up

9:20-10:15am ~ On-ice skill development

10:15-10:35am ~ Transition

10:35-11:45am ~ Off-ice activity

11:45-12:00pm ~ Pick-up or transfer to Explorer’s Day Camp



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