Our programs play an important role in promoting physical, social, emotional and mental health development. Therefore, it is essential for players, parents, spectators and officials to embrace good sportsmanship and follow the RecPlex Code of Conduct to make this a positive experience. Sports are a vital avenue to enhancing one’s quality of life! In this section you will find information that will guide you to the sports you enjoy!


RecPlex Outdoor Program Lightning Policy

Lightning 30/30 rule: If it takes less than 30 seconds to hear thunder after seeing the flash, lightning is near enough to pose a threat; wait 30 minutes before resuming outdoor activities. All players and families involved in the program must seek shelter during the 30 minute delay. No one is allowed on the playing fields or in the dugout during the delay.


Coaching for Youth Programs

All of our youth league programs (Flag Football, Outdoor Soccer, Winter/Spring Hoops, Baseball) require volunteer/parent coaches. Please see individual program pages to find the links for the "Volunteer to Coach Form" to fill out and submit if interested!

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