Pleasant Prairie Receives

the Wisconsin Award for Municipal Excellence

WAME Program

The Wisconsin Award for Municipal Excellence was established by League of Wisconsin Municipalities to encourage and recognize excellence in municipal government.


The WAME program criteria are divided into four Sections: 1) Municipal Organization and Administration, 2) Municipal Services, 3) Municipal Facilities, and 4) Community Development.


Within each Section are six or seven Categories, and within each Category is a series of three to eight Standards. To qualify for a WAME award, a municipality must meet all of the Standards in four Categories (some of them are required) in all four Sections. Qualification for each Standard is based on written documentation and visual inspection specified in the WAME program manual.


Summary of WAME Certification Visit

  • Village President John Steinbrink, the Village Board, and Administrator Michael Pollocoff have assembled a highly professional and dedicated staff. All village staff members greeted us with enthusiasm and a thorough presentation of the extensive documents required to meet WAME criteria.


  • Pleasant Prairie's intergovernmental cooperation with neighboring communities is extensive. Indeed, Pleasant Prairie's incorporationwas based on a border agreement with the City of Kenosha. After county-wide assessment ended in Kenosha County, Pleasant Prairie established a joint property assessment system with the Village of Twin Lakes and three neighboring towns. Pleasant Prairie purchases sewer and water services from the City of Kenosha and contributes 90% of its room taxes to the Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.


  • Without a doubt, however, Pleasant Prairie's most remarkable achievement is its recreation center, known as the RecPlex, which opened in 2000, and the attached ice arena, which opened in 2004. The facility inculdes two aerobic studios, a group cycling studio, a yoga studio, a 60,000-square-foot field house, a 17,000-square-foot indoor waterpark, four raquetball courts, and two professional-sized ice rinks with seating for 1,000--as well as a host of changing rooms and other convenience areas for food service, child care, and private parties. On a beautiful site overlooking Lake Andrea, the RecPlex contains more than 260,000 square feet and are staffed by over 200 Village employees. A truly spectacular facility, it is among the largest municipally owned recration centers in the country, according to Athletic Business magazine.


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