Discover Scuba

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If you have ever wondered whether scuba diving is something you would enjoy, but are hesitant to spend the money on a class only to discover you scuba is not for you, Discover Scuba Diving is the program for you.  Discover scuba diving is a one day experience that introduces you to some basic principles of diving, the equipment and then the actual “breathing underwater thing.”  


We start off by showing you a short video that explains a few of the most important rules for scuba divers and goes over a few of the procedures.  Next, we familiarize you with scuba equipment, show how it will be used and pack a scuba set up for you to use in the pool.


At the pool, we show you how to set up your gear and help you don it in the pool.  The instructor will teach you a few basic skills you will need to swim and breathe on scuba.  Once you’ve mastered these techniques, you will simply enjoy the fun of floating weightlessly in the water, play a few games and start thinking about the open water diver class.


As with the open water class, Manta Divers gives discounts for groups, so get a few friends to give it a try with you and save some cash.  Who knows?  You may end up with a dive buddy in the deal!


Spots are limited and prior registration is required.