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School Days Off/Snow Days

Full Day of Care $48 member/ $58 non-member

School Breaks 2020-2021

Winter Break 

Full Day care will be offered on the following dates: 

  • Wednesday, December 23rd 
  • Monday, December 28th 
  • Tuesday, December 29th  
  • Wednesday, December 30th 

Spring Break

Full Day care will be offered on the following dates:

  • Monday, April 5th 
  • Tuesday, April 6th 
  • Wednesday, April 7th 
  • Thursday, April 8th 
  • Friday, April 9th 

The cost for full day care is: $48 for members/ $58 for non-members.
If you child will be attending 5 full days of care over spring break, the cost is $184 for members/ $226 for non-members.

*Children will have the option to swim and ice skate throughout the week.

For new participants, please contact the Youth Supervisor to turn in your paperwork and submit your schedule.

Youth Office: (262) 925-6741

Email: jhill@pleasantprairiewi.gov