Group Fitness & Studios FAQ's

What is included in the $50/month Preferred membership upgrade?

In addition to the FREE classes that are offered, Preferred Members have unlimited access to all Mind & Body (yoga, Pilates, Barre, BodyFlow) classes, all Aqua Fitness classes, and all Trainer-Led classes. In addition, Preferred Members receive unlimited tanning, free kid's court, free skate rentals, one free personal training session, and one free parking pass! *Minimum 3 month commitment.

Why is there an additional fee for Trainer-Led, Mind Body, and Aqua Fitness classes?

These classes are kept at a smaller instructor/trainer to participant ratio to allow for more individualized attention, they require specialized certification, and/or they require specialized equipment.

Why was my class canceled? Where did it go?

Classes are required to maintain a certain level of attendance to remain on the schedule. Instructor availability changes over time and affects the fitness class schedule as well.

I want to use a studio for my individual usage, how do I do that?

We do not allow individual usage of the studios. We are unable to monitor for safety and proper usage. The studios are intended for instructor-led group fitness. The fitness center is intended for all other work outs.

What is Virtual Cycling?

Virtual Cycling, for a nominal fee, allows you access to a spin bike in the cycling studio when a class is not in session. The fitness attendant will check you in and get you set for your ride. Utilize the new ICG Training App for an engaging ride on our new Coach By Color bikes!

Fitness Center FAQ's

What is the age requirement to be in the fitness center?

Individuals must be at least 14 years old to be in the fitness center. We have the TNT option for members 11-13 to utilize the fitness center. Children under 14, other than those who have completed TNT, should not be in the fitness center or seated within the fitness center. Please utilize Kid's Court.

What is TNT?

TNT is a program designed to allow 11-13 year olds access to designated areas of the fitness center. Click HERE for program details.

I need some guidance on the fitness floor. I am feeling a little lost.

Book a FREE Fitness Quick Start (FQS) at our fitness desk. Our certified trainers will get you pointed in the right direction.

Personal Training FAQ's

What is Fitness Quick Start?

A Fitness Quick Start Session is a free 1-hour Personal Training Session with a RecPlex Certified Personal Trainer. The hour will consist of a brief fitness assessment, an overview of the Fitness Center Equipment, and a personalized training session.

Is a Personal Trainer expensive?

No, we offer a variety of packages and prices that range from $60 to as low as $22 a session. You can find some options at , or stop by the Fitness Desk to inquire about our lowest rates.

How long will it take to reach my fitness goals?

Depending on your current fitness level the RecPlex offers enough fitness options from personal training, group fitness to trainer led classes that you will see and feel results immediately.

I have injuries I'm not sure working with a Trainer is for me?

If your medical professional has cleared you then working with a RecPlex Certified Personal Trainer is highly advisable. We will communicate and coordinate with your physician to build a program that will continue to facilitate your recovery and keep you injury free.

I've been lifting weights for decades what could a Trainer teach me that I don't already know?

Everyone could benefit from a fresh perspective and new techniques to avoid plateauing. Remember, the human body is very complex and gains are made when the exercise selection challenges your comfort zone and forces the body to adapt.

Do you train children that play sports?

Yes, we offer Sports Performance 1 on 1, Buddy, and Small Group Training for Youth involved in competitive athletics

What is the youngest age you train?

We train children as young as 8 years old, children under 8 should look to our Youth department for programs.

Do you work with clients who have special needs?

Yes, our professionally certified personal trainers are able to accommodate all populations and varying needs.

Do you train couples who are at different fitness levels?

Yes, if two people would like to Buddy Train we are fully capable of accommodating them no matter how drastically different their fitness levels are.

Do you work with Seniors?

Our professional trainers work with all ages and abilities.

How long does a training session last?

A typical Personal Training Session last for an hour.

Do you help with nutrition?

Yes we offer a 1-hour nutrition consultation which is designed to add structure and balance to your current diet.