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Combo Parties

Parties are during our open skate and open swim times. 

Skate and Swim Party

Can't decide? Our skate and swim package is for you! 4 hours total. Includes 1 1/2 hour of skate time with skate rental, 1 1/2 hours of swim time in the indoor waterpark. Packages for 12 guests  

Price: $220-$245/tax

Swim and Gym or Skate and Gym

4 hour party package includes 1 1/2 hours of skating or swimming, plus 1 1/2 hours of gym time and a party room.
Packages for 12 guests 

Price: $200-$225/tax

Skate, Swim and Gym Party

Do it all with this wonderfully fun package! 4 hours total. Includes 1 hour of skate time, 1 hour of swim time, 1 hour of gym time. Packages for 12 guests.

Price: $230-$255/tax

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Go Deluxe!
For an additional fee of $135 we will decorate your party room for 12 guests with "Happy Birthday" tableware and balloon bouquets. Included are the food package. This is an add on to the above packages.

Outside Food
We allow guests to bring in cake and ice cream to any party room. Guests wishing to bring in coolers, crock pots, chafing dishes, sandwich platters or have food delivered in may choose to pay a service fee of $55.00.