RecPlex Swim Meet Schedule through August 2020 (April - August 2020 is tentative at this point)

All Swim Meets are held in the Aqua Arena. All of the Fall-Winter meets are 25 yard meets and will be held on the west side of the Aqua Arena (unless noted). Watch the RecPlex Home Page calendar for details on available lanes during swim meets. We will have a more detailed schedule up in the week leading up to the meets (if lanes are open, and times). Please see the calendar on the front of the website for more detailed times.

50M meets will utilize the entire Aqua Arena and no lap lanes will be available during the meet.

If your team would like to rent the Aqua Arena for an upcoming event, or information regarding any of these events, please send an email to Dave Dorak at for information.

Swim Meets April through August are 50M Swim Meets. During 50M Swim meets, the aqua arena will be closed. Aqua Arena lap swimming availability during these meets will be posted online.

 Date  Team/Organization  Format Course   Athlete Count
February 7-9 Open Open 25Y  
February  Open Open 25Y
Feb 20-22 CCIW Championships (NCAA Meet) 3 days prelims/finals (thurs thru sat) 25Y 425
Feb 28-March 1 Open Open 25Y  
March 5-8 Wisconsin 13 Over State 4 days, prelims/finals 25Yx2 600
March 12-15 Speedo Sectionals  4 days, prelims finals fri-sun, thu distance 50m 600
April 18-19  AA potentially 2 days (Saturday/Sunday) 50M 450
April 25-26 Waukesha Express 2 days (Saturday/Sunday) 50M 600
May 2-3 Lake Forest Swim Club 2 days (Saturday/Sunday) 50M 500
May 8-10 Mundelein Mustangs 2 days + Friday PM Distance 50M 550
May 15-17 Blue Devil Swim Club 2 days + Friday PM Distance 50M 900
May 22-24 Speedo Elite Meet (PX3/ACAD) Prelims/Finals Friday, Saturday, Sunday 50M 500
May 29-31 Patriots Swimming 2 days + Friday PM Distance 50M 750
June 6-7 Lake Forest Swim Club 2 days (Saturday/Sunday) 50M 600
June 12-14 MAC Swim Meet 2 days + Friday PM Distance 50m 700
June 18-19 Zone Open Water Championships Clinic Thursday and Open Water race Friday OW 500
June 19-21 SWAT Single Age Grand Prix 2 day prelim/final +Friday distance 50M 650
June 26-27  SEA 2 day Friday/Saturday 50m 450
July 1-2 Open Water State Championships Wednesday Clinic and Thursday Meet OW 500
July 3-5 Open Open 50M  
July 10-12 Patriots Swimming 2 days + Friday PM Distance 50M 750
July 17-19 Wisconsin Silver State Meet 3 days(Friday thru Sunday) 50M 750
July 24-26 Open Open 50m  
July 30-August 2 WI 13 and Over State 4 days prelims/finals traditional format 50M 1000