Birthday Parties 

The party starts here!  Choose from swimming in our aquatics center, skating during our open skate sessions on one of our NHL hockey size rinks, gym packages that include basketball, soccer and volleyball packages plus, in the summer, beach parties! Can't decide? we also offer combo party packages! Click here to book online, if options are unavailable call 262-925-6735 or email 

Whats Included 

  • 12 wristbands for chosen activity ($8-$10 extra per wristband)
  • Private room for party 
  • 3 hour total party(1.5 hours for activity, 1.5 hours for food, cake, and presents)

Basic Room Set Up

  • 1 5ft circle table
  • 2 8ft rectangular tables ($8 per additional)
  • 20 chairs ($1 per additional)

Pricing and Options 

Splashdown Party
Includes 1.5 hour swim, during Open Swim time in our Indoor Waterpark with a 145’ long monster slide, water playground and party room. 3 hours total. (12 swimmers; extra swimmers $8.00)

Poolside Package: Includes poolside party room $170M/$195NM
Basic Package: Includes non-poolside party room $145M/$170NM 
LakeView Studio Package: Includes our largest party room overlooking Lake Andrea. (12 swimmers) $285M/$310NM (24 swimmers) $395M/$420NM 

Igloo Skate Party
The Igloo Skate Birthday Party includes party packages in our ice arena during open skate. 2.5 hours with 1.5 hours of skate & party room. (12 skaters; extra skaters $8.00) $170M/$195NM 

Skate & Swim Party
Includes 1.5 hour of skate time with skate rental, 1.5 hour of swim time & party room. 4 hours total. (12 guests; extra guests $10) $220M/$245NM 

Skate, Swim & Gym Party
Do it all with this wonderfully fun package! Includes 1 hour of skate time, 1 hour of swim time, 1 hour of gym time & basic party room. 4 hours total. (12 guests; extra guests $10) $230M/$255NM

Glide & Twirl or Skate with a Pro Party
2.5 hour party includes: 45min with skate pro & 45min of free skate and party room time. (12 skaters; extra skaters $10) $210M/$235NM 

Gym Party
3 hours of gym time with a party toom. Great for basketball, soccer or volleyball. (12 guests; extra guests $8.00) $150/$175 Add our 15’x15’ castle moon walk for $80M/$90NM 

Gym & Swim or Gym & Skate
4 hour total with 1.5 hour of swim time, 1.5 hour of gym time & party room. (12 guests, extra guests $10) $200M/$225NM 

Carnival Fun Party
3 hours in a decorated party room, bouncy house in the gym, basketballs & soccerballs for the kids, food package & goody bags. (12 guests) $355M/$380NM 

Small Group Swim Party
Available Monday or Wednesday nights at 5-8pm. Includes 6 swimmers, a reserved table on the pool deck &/or space in the RecPlex mezzanine. Comes with 1 pizza & pitcher of soda. $80M/$95NM 


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