Karen Kiesler


Karen Kiesler AFAA-CPT

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer




Karen has 20+ years experience in the industry. She incorporates all of her experience and knowledge towards helping clients improve strength and endurance…the key is to start with “weak links” and going on from there. Karen has worked with a wide variety of clients such as hip replacement, knee and shoulder surgeries, both on land and in water. She teaches Women on Weights, Stretch & Flex, H2O Interval, & Deep Water Treking classes, but truly loves personal training.


Education & Certification

AFAA Personal Training

AFAA Group Exercise Instructor

AEA Certified Water Instructor


Areas of Expertise

Strength and Endurance Training

Overall Fitness – Beginner to Advanced




To schedule an appointment with Karen, e-mail fitness@plprairie.com or call the Fitness Desk, 262-925-6742.