Terrence Bates

Terrence Bates USAW Weight Lifting & Sports Performance.



Terrence has experience in personal training clients in one-on-one sessions and small group classes. Terrence has extensive knowledge in the areas of olympic lifting technique and weight lifting. He has worked with a variety of individuals to assist them in reaching their weight loss goals and to improve overall health and quality of life.

Education & Certification

USAW Weight Lifting & Sports Performance

2015 Masters World Cup Bronze Medalist

2016 Masters Pan American Weighlifting Champion

Area of Expertise

Strength Training

Olympic Lifting

Flexibility & Balance Training

Prenatal & Postnatal Training

Core Strength Training

Postural Analysis & Corrective Exercises


To schedule an appointment with Terrence, e-mail: fitness@plprairie.com or call 262-925-6742.