TRX Suspension Training

TRX® Suspension Training


TRX® Suspension Training uses bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility & core stability. It requires the use of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, a performance training tool that leverages gravity & the user’s body weight to enable hundreds of exercises.


These TRX classes are now part of the Signature Series Trainer-Led Workouts:


  • Kettlebell-TRX Training
  • TRX Functional Strength n' Core
  • TRX45
  • TRX Circuit Training


Please click on the Signature Series Trainer-Led Workouts link on the left for class schedules and registration information. Note: beginning in January 2014, the Signature Series Trainer-Led workouts are for members only, and classes are FREE with Exercise level membership. 


TRX® for Endurance


Whether running your first 10K, racing an IRONMAN or surfing Mavericks, TRX Suspension Training builds core strength and muscular endurance to perform your best. With the TRX you will develop a leaner more athletic body, improve your balance & flexibility and reduce over-use injuries.


What the Pros Say:


TRX is the bomb . . . after doing it a couple times my strength and body has adapted very quickly."
-- Chris Lieto, Ironman Triathlete


I have limited time...I have to be very efficient and effective in any training that I do... I believe that 3x a week for 30 min. on the TRX will help prevent overuse injuries, create more power/strength that leads to time improvements."
-- Tyler Stewart, Ironman Champion