Ankle Breakers Adult Hockey

Ankle Breakers Beginner Adult Program

Monday Nights: 9:30 PM

Please reference the Open Hockey calendar for any time changes or days off.

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Ankle Breakers is a beginner adult program open to anyone that has an interest in playing organized hockey...even unorganized for that matter. Our group currently consists of about 40-50 skaters (roughly 25 show up per week) of fairly diverse skating ability. The majority of the skaters just recently started playing hockey, but may have had prior skating experience.




Full gear is recommend to participate in the Ankle Breakers program. Optional pieces of equipment would be shoulder pads & pants.




There are two ways to pay for Ankle Breakers Hockey. The first option is through buy-on at a rate of $12 per class. The second option is through purchasing a series sale (electronic punch card kept at the facility). Members can purchase the series sale for $120 while non-members can for $132. The series sale is good for 13 sessions and expires after 6 months. It can also be used for additional open hockey sessions that you attend.




Contact Brian Luburich @ 262-925-6752 or via email at