Sunday Night Hockey League (SNHL)

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The Sunday Night Hockey League aims to provide a competitive, enjoyable and safe game of hockey at a consistent time each week. The program will permit you to relish those Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons with the family (and then sneak out Sunday night to hang with the guys). Lastly, our unique game format limits the typical aggressiveness and hostility that follow many mens league games (as does our Zero Tolerance Policy).



  • Three 14 minute stop time periods (5 minute warm-up)
  • Penalty shots for all penalties
  • Jessie Pye will be weekly scorekeeper all Fall/Winter
  • RecPlex supplied jerseys
  • Playoffs


All New Format

For the first session (Fall 2013), we will run a draft the first Sunday night . We will need four “captains” to step forward and select teams with the help of the Operations Manager. Captains are only in charge of picking teams (and possibly ordering team jerseys if desired). After the evaluation week, players play on a set team for the session (14 weeks + two playoffs). At the end of a session, the Operations Manager along with the four captains will review all players and determine if anyone needs to be removed from the league.


Following the completion of each session, a team is permitted to keep 7 skaters toward the next session (Winter 2014). The remaining skaters participate in a “draft day” and we start a new season (session). New skaters have to participate in the draft skate. Goalies cannot be kept from session to session.


Along with this new format would come a few new rules. Individual players can only score 2 goals etc… Penalty format would stay the same.


Zero Tolerance

Excessive agression by any player will result in expulsion from the program. This program will fill and there will be guys waiting and ready to take a forfeited spot. The hockey director reserves the right to remove anyone from the program. Maintaining a safe and enjoyable game is our #1 priority.



Contact Brian Luburich @ 262-925-6752 or via email at