Summer Skating Camps

Sk8ing Strong

Keep cool this summer and sign up for our sk8ing Strong summer camp. We offer three different tracks that give skaters a challenging on-ice and off-ice training schedule. Freestyle sessions are interlaced with Stroking/Edge, Moves in the Field, Spin/Jump and Power classes. Off-ice classes include Total Body Strength & Conditioning, Off-ice jump, Yoga & Stretch & Flexibility classes. 


Camp participants have several payment options for Sk8ing Strong summer camp. All payment is done through either a payment plan, or paying the day they participate in class. A payment plan is the only way to guarentee your space in some of the classes. Please fill out the autorization form and the calandar with the dates your skater will attend camp. These forms can be dropped off at the Ice guest services desk. You will be billed weekly with this option and changes can be made by calling the ice desk on 262 947-3655.


Summer Passport option allows you to purchase ten drop-ins for sk8ing strong classes. These can be used at your convenience, but does not guarentee a spot in the class. The above forms must be filled out in advance to guarentee enrollment.