Membership & Guest Services FAQ’s


Donation requests must be submitted using the form below


To make a change to your membership or cancel your membership use the link below. All requests must be submitted by the 19th of the month.


To request a refund for programs use the link below


Parking passes information

You may purchase a parking hang tag at the front desk

One time free of $30 to purchase a parking hang tag to park in the member lot

You will never pay that fee again, unless you lose or break the hang tag

If you decide to terminate your membership we will buy the hang tag back for $10. You can park for FREE on Terwall Terrace or in either of the auxiliary parking lots across the street from the RecPlex. We reserve the Ice Arena lot for Ice Programs and events



How many guest passes do I get with my membership?

You receive 2 for taking a tour before you start your membership. You 2 when you become a new member. You will receive 5 annually. All guest passes expire one year from date of issue.


Why did I get charged an NSF fee?

We will attempt to draft your account 3 times. Once the draft is returned insufficient funds we incur fees because of the failed draft. Those fees are the members’ responsibility to cover. A few of the reason an account will NSF:

- Not enough funds in your bank account to cover the draft amount

- Invalid account number

Please email Guest Services with questions regarding your membership account.