Member Rewards Program


To extend our support on your journey to good physical and mental fitness every member is entered to win the Scan@Win prizes every day you swipe! Every month 25 members are drawn from the raffle to win these gifts. Each scan is a virtual raffle ticket, so the the more time you scan in a moth the more chances you have to win in our Scan2Win reward program. Scan in to Win!

Valid for Adult Primary and Secondary Adult Members only

Members must scan in (manual check-ins do not apply)

EACH MONTH qualifying members will be placed into a virtual raffle


                        Visit 25+Times—5 members will receive a RecPlex Cinch Sack


                        Visit 15-24 Times—10 members will receive a RecPlex T-shirt or hat


                        Visit 9-14 Times—10 members will receive a RecPlex Lanyard


*RecPlex reserves the right to change prizes. Some restrictions apply.


In appreciation, for referring a new member, you'll receive one of these great items for free!  Your choice!


5 Guest Passes


$30 RecPlex Gift Card


One Month Free Exercise Upgrade




BONUS!!!! 1 month Free

Refer 3 Primary Members in one year and you receive one month FREE of primary dues!