Specialty Packages

Specialty Party Packages


Carnival Fun Party

3 hours in a decorated party room, 15' x 15' castle bouncy house in the gym, sports equipment for non bouncers, food package. 12 children. Packages range from $355-$380/tax.


Beach Party

3 hour party at Lake Andrea includes reserved table on the beach, 12 hot dogs/chips, 12 freeze pops and sodas; 1 paddle boat for 1 hour (based on weather and boat availability. Deposit needed to take out boat.). 12 children with no charge for up to 5 adults.  Packages range from $135-$160/tax. (Food not included for parents.)
* Seasonal Package


Small Group Party

Monday or Wednesday nights from 5-8pm. Reserved table on pool deck; 6 swimmers, 1 large pizza and pitcher of pop. $80/$95/tax.


Food Package Add on

Our $55 package includes either 2 large pizzas, 12 cupcakes and 2 pitchers of pop. If you prefer to bring in a cake we substitute the cucpakes for another pizza. (Please note some packages include food.)


Go Deluxe add on package!

For an additional fee of $135 we will decorate your party room for 12 guests with "Happy Birthday" tableware and balloon bouquets. Included is the pizza food package. (Carnival Fun includes the deluxe package.)


Outside food

We allow guests to bring in cake and ice cream to any party room. Guests wishing to bring in coolers, crock pots, chafing dishes, sandwich platters or have food delivered in may choose to either reserve LakeView Studio or pay a service fee of $55.00. Guests purchasing a food package are allowed to bring in other food items at no additional fee.

Lower rate is RecPlex member rate.