Do you honor participant requests?

The RecPlex does honor participant requests on a limited basis. Requests will only be honored for the Shetland and Pinto baseball leagues during the 2019 baseball season. For the Mustang and Bronco leagues, the only requests that will be honored will be sibling requests. Due to the number of participants that register in our programs, not all requests can be accommodated. Refunds will not be given for requests that are unable to be made.


Why are we using a draft system for the Mustang and Bronco league?

There will be evaluation days on Monday, April 22nd and Tuesday, April 23rd that will allow the RecPlex to evaluate every player that is registered for the Mustang and Bronco leagues. Each player will then be drafted at the coaches meeting TBA. Head coaches and one assistant coach will be allowed to have their children on the same team. Every other player will enter the draft.


In which league will my child play?

League placement is based upon age as of May 1, 2019

  • Ages 4 & 5: Shetland T-Ball
  • Age 6: Shetland T-Ball or Pinto Coach Pitch (Parent Choice)
  • Ages 7: Pinto Coach Pitch
  • Age 8: Pinto Coach Pitch OR Mustang Player Pitch (Parent Choice)
  • Ages 9 & 10: Mustang Player Pitch
  • Ages 11 & 12: Bronco Player Pitch


What days will my child play?

Once the season starts your child will play on the same days as listed below. 

  • Shetland T-Ball: Tuesday
  • Pinto Coach Pitch: Thursday
  • Mustang Player Pitch: Monday/Wednesday
  • Bronco Player Pitch: Monday Wednesday


How do I know which team my child is on?

Coaches will contact all team members shortly after the teams are finalized or the draft is complete.



When does the season start and end?

All participants are highly encouraged to partake in spring training clinic on April 16th and 17th for an additional fee. Games will begin the week of May 13th for all leagues. The season will end mid-to late July depending on the league.


How much are league fees?  

  • Shetland T-Ball: $65 member; $77 non-member
  • Pinto Coach Pitch: $65 member; $77 non-member
  • Mustang Player Pitch: $130 member; $145 non-member
  • Bronco Player Pitch: $130 member; $145 non-member


What if my Child ends up on a team without a Coach?

As an organization we do our best to recruit the best that the area has to offer in volunteer coaches.  In some instances, we do end up with teams without volunteer coaches.  When this does occur, RecPlex does not want to take away the chance for players to participate.  Instead, a meeting with the team and either has one of the parents step up and offer to coach the team or find a way for the Parents to assume the duties of coaching the team.  In most cases, 2-3 parents on the team take the opportunity and the results have been very positive.


Where are games played?

All RecPlex Summer League baseball games are held at Prairie Springs Park, 9900 Terwall Terrace, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158. All games are scheduled on field numbers 1-4 located on the north side of Lake Andrea. A map of the park is located at the link below.


Google Maps

Prairie Springs Park Map


How will I get notified if my child’s game is cancelled/rained out?

Notification of cancelled games or rain outs will be sent out via email or text message using RainedOut mass notification service. Click here or text RecPlexSports to 84483 to opt in. You must opt in to this alert service in order to receive notifications. 

In the event of a cancelled game, our sports weather hotline will also be update. The sports weather hotline is 262.947.3624. This hotline will only get updated in the event of a rainout.